The Company's Mission

The Caymanian Land and Sea Cooperative Society Ltd mission is to provide economic interest for its members whilst ensuring a variety of safe, reliable and fun local tours to visitors and residents of Grand Cayman.

Land and Sea has many unique qualities that make it attractive to visitors.

Land and Sea fills a niche market in relation to a ‘unique Caymanian experience’. The idea of ‘experiencing’ a different culture albeit food, clothing, or people fit into that unique experience...

The Society is unique in the diversity of its products and services. The Coop’s tours cater to the nature enthusiasts, attraction seekers, water lovers, shoppers, incentive groups, and much more...

The Society has an experienced profile of employees, a few who are long serving from the beginning of the Society. The fact that all employees are 100% local Caymanians ties into a unique experience on island.

Mrs. Clara Bush-Young, Operations Manager

Mrs. Bush-Young joined the company part time in 2000 resuming a full time role 6 months later. Currently as the Operations Manager, Mrs. Bush-Young is responsible for the management and daily operations of the Coop. Mrs. Bush-Young has played a stellar role in the tourism industry, starting at the age of 14 and with over 40 years under her belt, most of which in supervisory and managerial roles, was honored with the Long Serving Tourism Award from the Ministry of Tourism. With an outgoing and driven personality and true visionary, Mrs. Bush-Young is respected by the cruise industry and has spearheaded many contract signings and received Cruise industry awards from Disney and Princess for Best tours under her reign.